March 31, 2017

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I think it would be better NOT to capitalise only the correct answer. It makes it too easy to see what the correct answer is without remembering the cirrect answer.


I think that was probably coincidence. Capitalisation is a bit hit and miss at the moment.


unfortunately not. It happens every time there are options to choose from (the blocks).

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It's not really an issue that's specific to the Swahili course; it's part of the Android client (I don't know about iOS). There was a very brief time where they seemed to have changed it and had everything lower case, but then they switched it back. It's less annoying for German, where all nouns are capitalized, but unless Duolingo decides to switch back, I find that the best approach is to try to look only at the question and think of what the right answer would be, before looking at the blocks.


hmmmm, not great. Is it possible to raise this issue at a higher level? It really gives the answer away and although I try it is not always possible to 'not see' the answers...

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