"Potatoes and carrots and onions are vegetables"

Translation:Viazi na karoti na vitunguu ni mboga

March 31, 2017

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I observed (in Tanzania), that "mboga" means "side that accompanies the chakula." So, if you have chicken with your ugali, the ugali is the chakula and the chicken is the mboga. I learned that if I talked (or asked) about mboga, people would talk about fish, beans, meat, greens-- anything that comes on the plate next to the chakula. If I wanted to specifically speak about vegetables-- excluding fish and meat-- I learned to say "mboga za majani" (mboga that have leaves) or "mboga mboga."


It is not normal in spoken Swahili to use na between each item in a list.


Is it normal in Swahili to put "na" between each element of a list, or would it also be okay to say "Viazi, karoti na vitunguu mboga"?


Hmm, probably put a comma in between it.


I said waboga - since i thought they were trying to make me remember that it would be plural.... in ENglish it is plural (vegetables, not vegetable) but evidently it stays singular in Kiswahili. Correct?

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