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"Es una tesis muy interesante."

Translation:It is a very interesting thesis.

March 13, 2014



I thought tesis could mean theory aswel?


SpanishDict would agree with you, but it may be an obscure use (with "teoria" being the main word used for "theory"). A native speaker would have to clarify.


Teoría is much more used tan tesis in Spanish.


I did "the thesis is very intresting" and i was wrong? Why?


La tesis es muy interesante.


I was marked wrong for translating it as theory, but a thesis is defined as 1) a theory or statement 2) a long essay or dissertation involving personal research, written by a candidate for a college degree: (Definition from Bing). With no context, I believe both theory and thesis should be acceptable, and possibly statement.


"Tesis" is the cognate of "thesis. Generally, the cognate is the better translation. Why make it difficult? In addition, RAE does not indicate that "theory" would be appropriate. But based on what the RAE says, "thesis" is the appropriate definition. http://dle.rae.es/?id=ZeE19CB


Why is dissertation not accepted?


DL (wisely) does not rely on thesaurus software, but instead manually enters alternate answers into their database. As such, not all synonyms will necessarily be accepted.


ok, thanks for the reply, but let me put the question in a more exact form "why is dissertation not an acceptable synonym, when "tesis" is almost exclusively used when referring to undergraduate dissertations?" in 9.5 years of living in Mexico I have never heard the term "disertación" used.


Original answer databases would have depended on the programmers' opinions of the synonyms that should be included, and with that in mind I think you have answered why "dissertation" was omitted here. Your cultural background has instilled the word "dissertation." From what you say Mexican culture has instilled the word "tesis." NZ culture, where I live, has also instilled the word "thesis." Although they mean the same thing, where you say "dissertation" the Mexicans and I say "thesis" and the reason you don't hear "disertación" used in Mexico is the same reason we don't hear "dissertation" used in NZ: because "thesis" is the preferred word. As DL is based on Central American Spanish I'm guessing they neglected "disertación/dissertation" as a synonym precisely because it is not widely used there. Of course, this doesn't mean it shouldn't be accepted, but the only way for it to be included now is for it to be reported often enough that the programmers add it to the database.


Lol, I have just realised that we have been asking answering each others questions. Thanks for the answer though


Same :) Pure coincidence. Glad we could help each other.


Tesis is being used in the sense of hypothesis, not in the sense of a written thesis or dissertation.


LOL, aye that makes much more sense, thanks


In the U.S., one writes a "dissertation" for the PhD, and a "thesis" for the MA. They are not synonymous. However, the RAE says that one meaning of "tesis" is a "disertación" written for a doctorate. http://dle.rae.es/?id=ZeE19CB


Leaving a out is so obviously a typo and not a mistake.


It is a thesis very interesting was not accepted


Because that isn't correct in English. English places adjectives and adverbs before their subject in most cases.


Porque "intriguing" no puede ser "interesante"?


"Intriguing" es mas intenso que "Interesting." Implica una cierta fascinación.


¡Tienes razón!


"Intriguing" = "intrigante"
"Interesting" = "Interesante"
The author of the phrase in question chose "interesting", and did not choose "intriguing." It is our job, as translators, and learners, to translate what the author chose and did write, and not to translate into what the author could/would/might have chosen, but did not choose in reality, to write.


Since tesis means thesis. DL should accept theory or hypothesis as well since in Amer-English we could use them as interchangeable with thesis.


Unless uniquely specified Thesis and Theory are exactly the same !!! Baz


It is a thesis very interesting is word order possible in English


Maybe, but you'd probably never hear it in real life. Period detective novels maybe: A murder most foul.


well, apart from any post grad department


If tesis is feminine why is the adjective not interesanta?


Adjectives that end in "e" do not change gender.

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