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  5. "La confiture"

"La confiture"

Translation:The jam

February 27, 2013



In English, we have jelly made from the juice, jam made with the juice and macerated pulp, and preserves and marmalade which has chunks of fruit flesh/peel. Does French separate these with their own particular words? Other than marmalade, of course.

[deactivated user]

    In french, jelly translates to gelée which Google Images turns up Jell-Os (British definition). I think what you call jelly (preserved fruit juice) is exclusively North American cuisine. However, I am not sure what the Canadian Québécois call the NA jelly. Any Quebeckers here?


    derpy- I'm native. I make jam and I make jelly. jam is made of fruits, for exemple, strawberries , raspberries and sugar. Jelly is almost the same but without pieces of fruits in it.


    Lucky, I had never eaten organic jam in my whole life.


    I grew up eating organic raspberry jam, my family makes Organic raspberry jam from the raspberry patch at the back of my grandparents place on the Island. special family recipe


    That's wonderful, my family owns a farm too but jam is not traditionally made where I live.


    In England we do not say jell-os, we say jelly


    You forgot (fruit butter) which is basically a jam that is cooked down until it is as smooth and consistent as jelly. people usually consider in between the two. fruit butter is very good stuff usually made from pears or apples but they have berry butters too.


    Ah! First french word whose pronunciation fits the spelling!


    To me it sounds "cofituion".


    Lol jam is so sophisticated in french


    Also the name of one of my favorite bands from the 70's. But if The Jam were playing in France they would be introduced as "The Jam" correct?


    This one is too easy I've only 3 words: "The, the, jam" There is something wrong here


    Another case of generality vs partitive. It accepts simply "jam", without "the". Isn't that a generality thus should be "de la" confiture"?


    what is the difference between 'the jam' and 'the preserve'??


    Jelly and Jam are both good to eat. I have jam on toast. I have jelly on toast. I even have jell-o on toast. The moral to the story? Jam, jelly and jell-o are all yummy. °~°


    Does anyone have a good Rose hip jam recipe I like to go picking them at the beaches on the island after the first frost when they are best, and I've been wanting to try the French method of wine soaking them first.


    How do i figure out la le and l' ?


    sounds like la ponfuture in the slow one, only in the fast one could I make out the c but only just barely.


    So its really a preserve......................


    How about the song jam?


    the song ? Wich song ?


    you people are weird .you talk about making jam that isn dumb


    In CA we can buy "confit" which is essentially jelly

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