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I hit my 1000 streak on Duolingo. :D

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So if I ever lose my streak over a storm, surgery or fall in to a coma. I always have this to remember. :>

Also Firefox is amazing! It can help you spell check most languages by adding dictionaries.

Happy streaking everyone! :3

(★ Well thanks for all inspiring comments everyone! ★ :D)

With all this encouragement I am going to work extremely harder! I think I got a better system now to tackle all these languages.

You know the internet is funny: anything you say: someone goes their way to question it, criticize it or to call you a dumbie head. XD

Oh well regardless of what anyone thinks: not everyone is going to like you. But this dumbie head is having loads of fun. XD

I'm not perfect. I'm not best speller. but that doesn't stop me from anything! And it shouldn't stop you either. We all learn in our own and unique way. ★ ★ ★

And you know that's life: you get great supporters, haters taters and sticklers ticklers.

March 31, 2017



Congratulations man, nice job! Apparently you have many trees to complete yet....go ahead!

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Haha, will do! :>


Cool, German sounds interesting.


Congratulations and I love your computer background. :)


Awesome job did you get a hundred ingots


Congrats !


That is amazing! Great job Dragonzy! I wish you the best with all of the languages you're learning!

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