"The train not staying more than five seconds at the south station, went to the north station."

Translation:Trenul, nestând mai mult de cinci secunde la gara de sud, s-a dus la gara de nord.

March 31, 2017

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A long phrase with very many mistakes in the Romanian translate.Till now this cours was excellent but this chapter,"Gerunziu" was made by somebody drunk!


Virgula dupa ''train''. Cursul are multe greseli.


Sunt de acord.

I would say "The train, having stopped at the south station for no more than five seconds, went to the north station."


This is totally unnatural wording in Romanian, nobody says this phrase ever. Needs to be reworked


As a Romanian native speaker, I don't find it quite strangely. Probably a more natural way to say (but without a gerund) is "Trenul nu a stat mai mult de cinci secunde la gara de sud și s-a dus la gara de nord".

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Does anyone feel the Duolingo levels move too fast? I'd rather gradually learn this vocabulary and grammar, then having to constantly retype these lengthy sentences.


I find it the sentences on the Romanian course are lengthier than on other courses.

The idea is to take it at the pace that works best for you. Then repeat repeat repeat until the notion sticks

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