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  5. "Io mangio con mia zia."

"Io mangio con mia zia."

Translation:I eat with my aunt.

February 27, 2013



Io mangio con mia formica


Normalmente mangio con una forchetta...


la mia formica mangia con una forchetta, normalmente


Where i'm from we use 'Aunty' not ''Aunt'


Similar for me, we use "Auntie" and it tells me not to confuse it with "Aunt" as though they have different meanings!


Reported. They just have to accept "auntie". Nothing wrong about that


Isnt auntie a colloquial form of aunt? Therefore not formally correct?


I wouldnàt say itàs colloquial, perhaps more a case of formal (Aunt) and informal (Auntie or Aunty). But I garee both are correct English and I would support the suggestion that DL find a moment to change the database to accept either. The more I use DL the more I come round to the view that good translation should include 'common usage' as well as what would be considred grammatically correct. Perhaps this reflects the differences between written and spoken language.


I think it's more of a case of 'aunt' is an American English thing and Auntie is more of a British English thing. I am from the UK and we basically never say Aunt (at least in the south of England)


I almost typed "I eat my aunt" and never did I realize how important conjugations are since in reality they can save a life.


Can you have 'con la mia zia' or does the use of la/il not apply when possessing people, so to speak?


You don't use articles when it's about family members. i.e. "Mio padre" not "Il mio padre."


Except "I miei genitori" ....


Não contigo ouvir o áudio


That did not sound like zia


I've also reported 'aunty', as opposed to the spelling 'auntie'. Maybes it's just an American, not an English spelling?


What is the difference between 'con' and 'col' ?


con means with, col means with the


I don't understand what range of "typos" duolingo accepts. Half the time when I get a wrong answer its beacuse of a typo, usually from one letter being right next to the one I needed. I accidentally typed "sia" instead of "zia" and i got it wrong. after an hour of doing my lessons it gets really aggravating to constantly get wrong answers because of one letter mistake,


please add auntie!


Io mangio una formica con mia zia


Duolingo could you please learn to recognise countries outside of the USA. It's tiresome to be always told an answer is wrong just because I (we) don't know the American form of something. Perhaps if you fix mistakes (for example those reported three years ago!) we wouldn't clutter up the comments section with our grievances. Surely you have a team to fix these things!


Instead of complaining, you should just report it. And it's no use complaining here if you don't even tell us what your wrote and wasn't accepted

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