"Look at the kids playing"

Translation:Angalia watoto wacheza

April 1, 2017

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Isn't "Angalia watoto wanacheza" also correct, or am I missing something?


Yeah, report it. "Look" tells us nothing about plural or singular in English so they can't expect us to read their minds.

I reported it but I also had the last word as "wanaocheza" which means "who are playing".

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    Another possibility might be "Angalieni watoto wakicheza". To some people there might be a small difference in meaning. I believe many others would not see any difference.


    Well, given/first "Look at the children (they are) playing." - you're possibility "Look at the children while they are playing." - since the -ing ending in English already points that out in this case; the difference is minimal and hard to explain. :)


    can someone break down wacheza for me? -cheza is the infinitive and wa- is for 3rd person plural, but shouldn't there be any other affix? can I generally create subordinated clauses this way?


    I mean, it kinda look like an adjective, doesn't it?

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      Looks like a typo to me. Should be either wakicheza or, less common but still correct, wanacheza

      Wacheza could be part of a noun, as in wacheza mpira (football players) or could occur in the conjugation of kucheza in the simple present, which is not taught in this course, possibly because it could be considered slightly rude in some parts of the Swahili-speaking world: nacheza, wacheza, acheza, twacheza, mwacheza, wacheza. You will see it used in poetry, and in proverbs.


      Is it wacheza or wanacheza?


      Why not "Angalia watoto kucheza"? Infinitive would be used in many languages in such sentences.

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