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  5. "Look at the kids playing"

"Look at the kids playing"

Translation:Angalia watoto wacheza

April 1, 2017



Isn't "Angalia watoto wanacheza" also correct, or am I missing something?


Yeah, report it. "Look" tells us nothing about plural or singular in English so they can't expect us to read their minds.

I reported it but I also had the last word as "wanaocheza" which means "who are playing".


Another possibility might be "Angalieni watoto wakicheza". To some people there might be a small difference in meaning. I believe many others would not see any difference.


Well, given/first "Look at the children (they are) playing." - you're possibility "Look at the children while they are playing." - since the -ing ending in English already points that out in this case; the difference is minimal and hard to explain. :)

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