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"This year is the second year."

Translation:Năm nay là năm thứ hai.

April 1, 2017



I have noticed the nay here: so 'nay' without dấu sác is used only with time words, isn't it?


hôm/bữa + nay = today

hôm/bữa + nọ = the other day

hôm/bữa + nấy/đó = that (specific) day

hôm/bữa + trước = the day before (a particular day in the past before yesterday but before another day)

hôm/bữa + sau = the day after (a particular day in the past before yesterday but after another day)

hôm/bữa + nào = which(ever) day

hôm/bữa + kia = the other day

bữa hổm = the other day

hôm bữa = the other day


I'm saving the list. But one question: What do you mean by the other day here?


I believe he meant the day before yesterday.


On another note you can also use thứ nhì in place of thứ hai.

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