lack of sound

'm having a problem with the sound in the computer version. This just went out? Anyone else having this problem? It happened on two different computers

March 13, 2014


Hi donnamft! What type(s) of computers did you use? I haven't had this problem before, so I find it odd that it simply stopped working. Check your sound options and make sure that the speakers are set on Sound Output rather than Sound Input. Hope this helps! Please respond to the computer question! :)

Thank you!! I contacted Duolingo Support and they got back to me immediately. I had to update the adobe flash. I have desktop Dell computers (one at home and one at work) and just had someone go through the one at home and clean up and update my computer. I let tech support know about the problem at work.

Update flash, why hasn't anyone just stated that when they gave out the new design that flash was upgraded? I lost my audio with the new design, so that makes sense. My flash is at 10.1, I cannot update it myself, all downloads of that sort are done by the company if and when they feel the need, so I guess this site is no go for me anymore. I do wish webmasters would consider that not all can download the latest version of this/that, especially since older versions can also still be supported.

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