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"Money is meaningless when we have no one beside us."

Translation:Tiền là vô nghĩa khi chúng tôi không có ai bên cạnh.

April 1, 2017



Where the Hades did "bọn ta" in the correct multiple choice come from???????? All I got for Tips and Notes was this lousy, pathetic entry: "teach the form: Thật là - ckhadung".

BTW, the incorrect answers listed "bọn tôi". Google Translate lists "them" for "bọn". So now I have to wonder if the incorrect choices are all to be discounted in sentence construction and word form.

August 31, 2019


That translation "them" for "bọn" is incorrect. "Bọn" is like a gang, a crew, a group, used with a slight derogatory sense. It can be used to form plural pronouns that's said informally. "Bọn ta" is not wrong, but it really sounds like what a thug would say (though, "bọn tôi" doesn't sound much so, also beware that "bọn ta" is exclusive). It's inappropriate for some philosophical line like this, so I'll remove it.


I think the main accepted sentence should be "chúng ta", because "we" here are used for the listeners rather than the speaker(s).


couldn't it be correct without the 'là', because it's an adjective describing a noun?


No, it would not sound right, but I'm not sure about the reason. "Là" is a strange verb and I still don't fully understand how it works. For the same adjective, it's optional in another case.


huh, interesting! thanks again for all your help :)

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