"It is known that the moon is not a big ball of cheese."

Translation:Se știe că Luna nu este o minge mare de brânză.

April 1, 2017

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Psst, this is a sensitive issue for Wallace și Gromit - don't pick it up if they are around...


it literally gives branza and cascaval as options but only takes branza....no one in Romanian would ever describe the moon as branza...it has holes....cascaval has holes sometimes, never branza


Hey those holes could be craters


Is it possible to say ... o mare minge... instead of ....o minge mare...? And if it is not - what is the difference with ... cu o mare lene.?


Yes, it is. Usually, the adjective goes after the noun, but if you really want to emphasize some characteristic then you place the adjective before the noun.


de ce nu merge ,, este stiut ca luna nu este o minge mare de cascaval'' ?

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