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  5. "Je casse la ceinture."

"Je casse la ceinture."

Translation:I am breaking the belt.

February 27, 2013



"Breaking the belt" as in her/his waist is to wide for that size


.....what a violent person....


he didnt mean to he ate a piece of cake and it brok poor guy how embarrasing


Can "la ceinture" also refer to the belt that is used in machines or is there another word for that in french? If so, this sentence will make a bit more sense.


"La ceinture" is a belt worn around the waist. "La courroie" is a mechanical conveyor belt.



I wrote break-in as that was the first explanation, when I got it wrong and looked the word up, it means to break or snap. So breaking in meaning to wear down, would probably be wrong, and should be taken out of the definition of casse.


When do you use casser and when do you use rompre?


We usually use casser for the following expressions

casser la ceinture - break the belt

casser la glace - break the glass

casser le miroir - break the mirror

casser la porte - break the door

casser des ouefs - break eggs

casser une canne à sucre. - breaking sugar cane

Le fil se casse - the wire breaks.

Il s'est cassé la jambe - He broke his leg.

Il s'est cassé la cheville -He broke his ankle

se casser la main - to break hands

se casser la tête - to break head

La voiture est cassée - The car is wrecked

tant va la cruche à l'eau qu'à la fin elle se casse :

It's all fun and games until someone breaks a nail.

Use rompre for:

Rompre le cou - to break a neck

Rompre la glace - break the ice

Rompre la terre - to break up the soil

Rompre une amitié - to break up a friendship

Rompre un contrat - break a contract

Rompre un serment - break a vow

Interrompre une conversation - interrupt a conversation

Rompre la paix - break the peace

Rompre le cycle - break the cycle

Rompre le silence - break the silence

Rompre les rangs - break ranks

Tout est rompu entre nous - everything is over between you and me

There is also briser which is very similar to casser

Briser ses chaînes - break his chains

Briser le joug - to throw off the yoke

Briser la carrière de quelqu'un - to ruin someone's carrier

Briser les espérances de quelqu'un - Break people's expectations.

Briser la résistance de quelqu'un - Break someone's resistance

Briser le cœur - break his heart

Hope this helps


Wow. Very helpful. Thank you. So, does that mean "break the belt" is a common expression in French? If so, what does it mean, exactly? If not, how did you know which word to choose?


with regards to 'se casser la tête ' can that phrase also be used both literally and idiomatically? as in both to physically have your head broken open and to study really hard as in to bust your brains?


casser - to break something eg chair, rompre - to break UP with someone


In spanish romper means to break something. Rompe la pierna, he breaks his leg. I know this is french, no spanish, but it seems it would be similar


I would certainly use BREAK IN to mean make more comfortable and more supple.


Breaking the belt... from round my way, that means you get a switch!


What does this actually mean? Is it an idiom for "I am getting too fat?" Or have I been beating my offspring?


I am not a native speaker of English and I don't quite get the meaning of the sentence. I've looked it up in the dictionary but I haven't found anything. Could somebody please explain it to me?


Breaking the belt.... possibly saying one is getting to fat for ones pants


Thanks, it does make sense now!


Im thinking like a scene like this: At your house one of your friends come over and its lunch time. While your mom serves she keeps adding more food to your friends plate but your friend says to your mom " I can't....I'm getting full...look at my belly...je casse ma ceinture." Hopefully this helps...if not just pretend you never saw this message


I just learned both the expressions in French and English from here. ;-)


"Break up" makes next to no sense in this context


better lose some weight


I thought "broke my belt." But i guess that is not correct because it is past tense?


Can this be used as in "breaking up" with someone or ending a relationship?


...car je suis trop gros


parce que tu manges beaucoup des frites?


lol...Beaucoup DE frites.


Can we use cassé for relationships as well? Like breaking up with people?


No. That would be "rompre" : "je romps avec toi" = "I'm breaking up with you"


You must have to be thicc to break that belt


Retired English teacher ..cant make out anything of this translation


What is the difference between pronunciation of Je cache la ceinture. and Je casse la ceinture.


Cache sounds like the English word "cash" and casse sounds like the first syllable of "Casper".

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