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  5. "We run around the building."

"We run around the building."

Translation:Noi alergăm în jurul clădirii.

April 1, 2017



Can a native speaker clarify whether this means the same as imprejur? In English, "running around" can mean literally circumnavigating an object - running in a circle around the building arriving back where you started - or it can mean randomly running with no particular route - like you could "run around" in front of the building. To me "in jurul" means the second meaning, running around in the vicinity of the building, and the first meaning should involve imprejur rather than in jurul. Thank you!


Why "clădirii" and not "clădirea"? Is this plural for some reason?


This is not plural but articulated dative feminin. The dative feminin has the same form as nominative plural and the second i is the article.


Could anyone explain the differences between în jurul, din jurul and împrejurul?


alergăm împrejurul clădirii is not accepted?

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