"You cannot neither go to school nor home"

Translation:Huwezi kwenda wala shuleni wala nyumbani

April 2, 2017

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The English is not correct. You can say either "you can go to neither school nor home" or "you cannot go to either school or home". English doesn't allow double negatives.

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    Even when the double negative is fixed, it is a slightly awkward sentence because we "GO TO SCHOOL" but we "GO HOME" (without the "to"). I might say, "You can neither go to school nor go home." Or I might simply say "You can't go to school, and you can't go home!"


    That's not what the sentence is saying I believe. I think it's saying "you can't not go to school and not go home" i.e. " You have to either go to school or home you can't go elsewhere". English is fine with double negatives in spoken English, it's just awkward to read written.


    More like. Huwezi kwenda shuleni wala nyumbani.


    Something is off here

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