"Ana upole mzuri"

Translation:He has a good gentleness

April 2, 2017



What? Are we now putting random words together?

April 2, 2017


The English translation does not make sense.

September 4, 2017


Terrible English. On the other hand, if you translated it in a proper sounding way, ("he is a person of great gentleness", or sth like this) , nobody could ever guess the translation. Duolingo is based on translations , which is nice and useful, but teaching common Swahili expressions that can't be properly translated is a problem

November 5, 2018


Come on, Duolingo, we know you're free, we know you're a great asset... but really...

October 3, 2018


There's plenty of problems in the course, but I'm not convinced this is one of them. If this is in fact a common phrase in Swahili, then we should learn it. So what if it's not common in English? That's even more of a reason for us to learn the phrase because it will catch us off guard. The translation was not hard to figure out.

March 25, 2019


Sure, the problem is not teaching these phrases.the problem is the system, which requires an exactly matching translation before it lets you go to the next exercise. Perhaps there should be an option to just skip an exercise, when you encounter one that is really annoying

March 25, 2019


This sounds strange. I guess it's possible to speak like this if your name is Yoda.

September 5, 2017


On second thoughts, that would be "Good gentleness he has".

September 5, 2017


Exactly, get your Yoda grammar right first!

I still don't understand how everybody in the galaxy speaks perfect English, except Yoda and Jarjar Binks. Maybe they learned it on duolingo

March 25, 2019


Open your minds. You'll learn more!

September 26, 2017


Is it mzuri instead of uzuri because theres no u- prefix or because they're describing the gentleness of a person (which uses m-)?

December 2, 2018


No, this is not possible! Do I really have to write that in order to keep going?!

January 21, 2019
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