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Discussions from my friends (or not)

Is there a way to see the discussion from an user or is it impossible? Thanks.

March 13, 2014



Hi PERCE_NEIGE! Do you mean the discussion of a user as in the discussion and comments they make? Yes, there is (if that is your question). Click the username of anyone, and simply scroll down, then you can see their activity stream. Hope this helps! :)


Thanks for the reply. I mean the discussion, as this one. I wonder if we are able to see all the discussion from an user (to check if the person is interesting to talk with by example or to be able to reply to our friends), since I can't find the way to see my own discussions...


@PERCE_NEIGE there should be a tab called "Followed" that tracks your own discussions, so long as you haven't "unfollowed" the discussion. (Also, go to your profile via settings and you can view your own Activity stream."

At this time, the only way to see other people's activity in the discussion forum is to do what angel194462 suggested.


I believe there is also the User Groups function that is coming out soon, and it will allow more access to viewing others' discussions and such! :)

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