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"Du vil ikke lade mig se fjernsyn."

Translation:You will not let me watch television.

April 2, 2017



I do not understand why i am marked incorrect for 'you will not let me see television'. This seems like better english and closer to 'Se'


We simply don't say that in English.


There is a TV slogan in the US, "Must see TV," not "must watch TV."


If someone stood in front of you you might say this sentence using see


But it's wrong and should definitely be watch in English. Being a seemingly closer translation does not necessarily make it better. http://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/look-at-see-or-watch


it not wrong to say 'see' here. Everyone i have ever know would use 'see tv,. so it is normal English use. Otherwise we have to get the language police on everyone who has said 'predated' when they mean 'preyed-upon' etc etc etc.


Where is "here"?


Definitely should be "watch". To see the tv implies you can only see the item or are Danes not permitted to look at pieces of furniture whilst eating?


People here in the States use the term see televison, at least the part where I grew up.


According to ordnet.dk the prununciation of "lade" is "[ˈla]".


An IPA transcription which again is wrong, I'd say. There is no [a] sound in "la" (except for the Anglosphere, perhaps), but this is definitely a more closed vowel.

If it were [a], it should sound like (French) là, but it doesn't. By contrast, it sounds like (French) "lait" (milk). ;-)

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