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  5. "We see the orange dishes."

"We see the orange dishes."

Translation:Chúng tôi thấy những cái đĩa màu cam.

April 2, 2017



Is "màu" obligatory in this sentence because otherwise it would mean the dishes full of oranges?


The problem with that is the fact that the English phrase orange dishes can also mean dishes of oranges, so in fact Chúng tôi thấy những cái đĩa cam is the best translation because it reflects this ambiguity most accurately.


Why is 'các' not accepted as interchangeable with 'những' in this sentence? I had read on another thread that they were interchangeable...


Also used các and got marked wrong


why is "xem" marked as incorrect?


Xem = watch, you are doing the action on purpose.

Thấy = see, the object just accidently appears, you don't expect to see it the first place.


Xem is usually used for something that has content, like a movie or a document or a picture.


I may have forgot these lessons because I don't remember đĩa was taught to be dishes, wasn't it only plate?


Bực mình rồi nha Duolingo


Chiếc đĩa was marked wrong. Can you kindly explain why is that so? Thank you in advance


"Các cái đĩa" is refused


I also want to know why màu is necessary as I answered without it and it still is not accepted even there seems to be agreement in the comments that it should be.

Can someone clarify please?


Some one responded above it's because cam can also be interpreted as the FRUIT orange so the word màu is necessary to indicate that you are referring to the color orange. It's probably more unique to this color. This ensures that you're saying "orange dishes" instead of "dishes of oranges"

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