"Моя шапка там."

Translation:My hat is there.

1 year ago


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шапка should be translated as "cap", "hat" is капелюх

1 year ago

[deactivated user]

    I’d use «кепка» for 'cap'.

    For me, шапка is usually softer, doesn’t have a rigid form and is often knited. Шапка is usually only worn in winter:

    A purple-and-white шапка, perpahs for children.

    Капелюх has a rigid cylindrical form and brims. Капелюх can be worn in all times of the year (a sombrero is a form of капелюх which is worn in summer). Here's an example:

    A black капелюх.

    And кепка, which comes from the English ‘cap’, has a relatively rigid half-spherical form and can have a visor, and is usually only worn in summer: Here’s an example:

    A black кепка.

    1 year ago
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