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  5. "Unawasha moto mkubwa!"

"Unawasha moto mkubwa!"

Translation:You light a big fire!

April 2, 2017



Can't it also be "starting" instead of igniting because people "start" fires?


Hmm, I'd also like to know if "making" could be used here. They both seem like correct options to me.


According to this; it means to set something on fire so I guess it could be translated as "starting/making a fire".


I thought m- and wa- were used for adjectives relating to people and animals? Unless fire is considered an "animate" object due to its nature?


No, it's M/Mi class, so the concord is m- for adjective stems starting with a consonant.


I put "You are starting a fire" and it didnt accept it, I feel like "starting" can also mean "lighting"


Most English speakers say "make a fire" e.g. bonfire; others say "light a fire". Both are correct and should be accepted.


Shouldn't it be 'you are lighting a big fire!' Cause 'unawasha' is present continuous. If it was 'you light a big fire!' It would be 'washa moto kubwa!' Or maybe 'uwashe moto kubwa' if it is in future

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