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April 2, 2017

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The h is strong pronounced as in Arabic - I believe - about the sound a thirsty dog makes (this is only meant to describe the sound )

-wikipedia says : h (ha/haş) like 'h' in "help" or the 'ch' in German "ach," X-SAMPA /h/ or /x/.

which offers two different versions of sound


you are right, just the voice for this example is little strange


"h" is usually pronounced [h] as in "hell". This is the case here.
When at the end of a syllable or before a consonant, it's pronounced [x] as in "Loch Ness". Example words: șah (chess), hrean (horseradish).

I'm not good with phonetics; I presented these two allophones because the distinction seems obvious to me. "h" is also pronounced [ç] before "i". I don't know what's the "official" stance, or if there even is such a thing. The table at 1.1.2 here is only concerned with phonemes.


Do I hear there "sh" sound?


There's an h sound in there. This pronunciation sounds a bit strange though I cannot pinpoint the exact reason.


To me it sounds like a very soft "t" before the "h".

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