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  5. "Ми продали цей будинок."

"Ми продали цей будинок."

Translation:We sold this house.

April 3, 2017



What exactly is the effect of putting "про" on the beginning of a word?

[deactivated user]

    Про- is a prefix for creating new verbs. The original meaning was something like 'through' (сверли́ти 'to drill' → просверли́ти ‘to drill through, to pierce by drilling’), but it has come to mean a variety of things, notably:

    • completeness of action, complete coverage of the object (сма́жити 'to fry' → просма́жити 'to fry thoroughly, completely'; чита́ти 'to read' — прочита́ти 'to finish reading'),
    • action taking place during some prolonged period of time (працюва́ти 'to work' → пропрацюва́ти три ро́ки 'to work for three years'),
    • missing, losing something or letting something go (пусти́ти 'to let, to release' → пропусти́ти 'to miss').

    Not all words can be broken down into parts, because many words have changed their meaning as the language evolved. Продати is one of them: да́ти means ‘to give’, and прода́ти means ‘to sell’. While it’s possible to come up with explanations for that (e.g. when you give something, you can ask to have it back; but when you sell something, it’s final and ‘complete’, and you can’t ask to have it back), the meaning is not immediately obvious in modern Ukrainian.


    I'm confused with the word 'будинок'. To me, i means 'a/the building' - ANY BUILDING. It's a general term. It's not specific as 'хата' /'дім' / 'помешкання'.

    When I first read this sentence I thought it was a business deal where they sold a building - not a house ('хата').

    Please clarify. ДЯКУЮ. :)


    I'm a native ("східняк"))), and IMHO:
    building = будівля у найширшому сенсі: житлова, промислова, музеї, готелі, крамниці, вокзали, все що завгодно збудоване людськими руками.

    house = будинок або дім. Місце де приватно мешкають люди: хата, вілла, коттедж, дача etc. Може також мати значення "багатоквартирний будинок", де мешкають багато людей, родин, в таких випадках house можна замінити на building.

    I hope this help:)

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