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"La notion d'avocat est inconnue."

Translation:The notion of lawyer is unknown.

February 27, 2013



The notion of lawyer is unknown. This doesn't make sense in English.

What I understood is: The lawyer's notion is unknown. It was marked wrong.


I think I know why. In French "la notion d'avocat est inconnue" can be about a country where Law barely exist and the police or the army can arrest people and do whatever they like with their prisoners. See what I mean?

"the lawyer's notion is unknown" translates in "la notion de l'avocat est inconnue" (meaning: something he said).


I understand what you mean. In that case i believe it should be: The concept of a lawyer is unheard of.

The notion of lawyer is unknown, sounds too strange in english.


I agree and I would also pick "concept" in French for a clearer meaning, because "notion" is generally "de quelque chose" and not "de quelqu'un". In the current sentence, I would change the French to: "la notion de défense est inconnue" or "le concept d'avocat est inconnu".


Me too, but "concept" was not accepted, in spite of the fact that DUO listed "concept" as an acceptable definition.


Hopefully, you left a feedback.


This is a mistake made by duolingo and not be its students.


This is a terrible translation

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