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  5. "Ninafika!"


Translation:I am arriving!

April 3, 2017



Is this anything similar to saying "I'm here!" in english?


Apologies if this is crass, but learning this verb I could not help but think of orgasming, probably because it reminded me of Esperanto fiki ("to f * ck"), in combination with the English sexual meaning of "to come". And that made me wonder, can this be used that way in Swahili? Or if not, is there another common verb that is used in this meaning? I know in Japanese, they actually use the verb for "to go" (iku, 行く).

I know it is off topic, but if we're learning a language, we might as well learn all of it, right? Hope it's not a bad thing to ask about; I'm genuinely curious.


I think sensible translation is I'm arriving!


Woykd you say this in the same context, though? Where in english you'd say "I'm here!", would you say "ninafika!" instead?


Didn't take I'm coming! (srsly who says I'm arriving; yeah, it's the literal translation but.. okay it's fine.)

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