"Doamna a văzut un om sărac ștergându-se pe față cu un prosop murdar și i-a dat unul nou."

Translation:The lady saw a poor man wiping his face with a dirty towel and she gave him a new one.

April 3, 2017

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This is another sentence in the gerund section that is absolutely useless for "timed practice" (I believe that quite a few sentences are in this case). It just is far too long. It is not a bad example at all but it should either be kept for practice without time limit or it should be cut in two: you don't need the "și i-a dat unul nou" for the purpose for the gerund section.


'unul' = indefinite personal pronoun
(I was wondering why 'un' took that form, turned out that it looks like it is definite (hotărat) BUT IT ISN'T!)


Because "unul" is also accusative.


Mersi pentru răspunsul tău!
But what if it had been ”a new towel” - wouldn't that be ”un nou prosop” (without any ”-ul”)?


Cu plăcere. If it had been "a new towel" that would be "un prosop nou".


Is it possible to put "lui" after " i a dat" to become i a dat li unul nou? And conserning "unul" - my sance is that it can not be simply "un nou" - it sounds to me unnatural - but I am not native romanian

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