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  5. "У вас є коричнева куртка?"

"У вас є коричнева куртка?"

Translation:Do you have a brown jacket?

April 3, 2017



Have you got a brown jacket?


This is an alternative way of saying this is English and should be accepted. Note: Another way of saying Have you got a brown jacket? in Ukrainian is Ви отримали коричневу куртку? The phrase У вас є seems to be the more common way of asking this type of question.


Wiktionary translates "куртка" as "jacket (a short coat)," but writing "coat" here will get you marked wrong. Can "coat" be an acceptable translation here instead of "jacket"?


If you were asking in a store, then using куртка would get you a jacket. They wouldn't show you a long coat, for instance, or any other type of coat. So I don't think coat is an acceptable translation as it is too generic.

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