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My Italian Journey #2

So It's been 2 months exactly that I have started an Italian course at university and on Duolingo. I have to say that overall, I definitively notice some progress with my Italian.


As of now I am almost finished with the Duolingo tree (There is 20 skills left, something like that) and am really excited to conquer a second tree (the first one was German). During these two months, I noticed my flaws in the language. First of all, I still have a problem to make a correct sentence in Italian. Even though I am a French native speaker, my brain does this stupid thing where it tries to translate from English to Italian. I sometimes forget to put the right tense, or make a mistake with the plural ending. These kind of things will improve with time but it can be discouraging when you make them all the time. One of my problem when I started this course 2 months ago, was the fact that I alway mixed Italian with my Spanish (beginner), but I noticed that it is the other way around which I am really content because I thought it would be a problem on the long term.

I also started to speak Italian, on text and with people whenever I had the opportunity. I was working in a tourist shop and spoke with a couple of Italians. They said I spoke well but I guess they were trying to be polite. I also passed my first Italian exams, I had a nice grade at the oral and still waiting for the results for the other tests.

Now I think I will focus on the reading part and listening as well as continuing Duolingo and practice it. If you have any reading websites (I already know about Readlang), I would be more than happy to try them out.

April 3, 2017



Are you familiar with this site? It looks a bit messy but the links are interesting. Good luck with your studies! :)

April 3, 2017


Thanks ! I checked it out, it game me ideas to look for italian travel magazine or food because that is what I'm the more interested in :)

April 4, 2017



April 3, 2017



April 3, 2017
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