"They see the flowers."

Translation:Ellos ven las flores.

5 years ago



the singular form of the word flower in spanish is flor which is feminine hence when it is pluralized the definite article becomes las.

5 years ago


My brain is still trying to comprehend how these spanish sentences are built.

To me the males / mixed-sex group is the main target..

and they are just seeing some random flowers.

But?? and this is what I need clearing up..

Despite the males / mixed-sex group ( masculine word....)

the object ( the flowers ) is a..

feminine word..( I am assuming, not really sure if flor is feminine word )


" ellos ven LAS FLORES " is a perfectly fine usage, also?

5 years ago


Yep. The males/mixed sex "ellos" are the subject, and they are watching "las flores" (feminine) The gender of the subject and the gender of the direct object are unrelated

5 years ago
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