"Oito são suficientes."

Translation:Eight is enough.

February 27, 2013



Is someone a 70's American TV fan?

August 20, 2013


Apparently, the show was titled "Oito é demais" in Brasil, though :)

August 14, 2016


Dumb Martians Just Sit Nearby Eating Tender Noodles! David, Mary, Joanie, Susan, Nancy, Elizabeth, Tommy, Nicholas.

June 28, 2017


"Eight is enough" is more natural than either answer using "are", I think. If you use "are", this makes it sound like you elided a noun (in the same way that "Think we can make it?" elides "Do you..."). Using "is" makes the sentence sound more self-contained.

February 27, 2013


In Portuguese this is right, but "oito é o suficiente" is more common. (with the article)

October 27, 2013


"Eight is enough" is what most people would say in the UK; I tried to explain it (to myself) when the same text came up in Spanish, and the best I came up with is that we subconsciously think of the "eight objects" as a block. "Do you think sixteen lettuces is enough for the meal after the wedding?" "It 's far too many!"

March 14, 2013
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