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Word spelling/conjugation practice?

Something I find myself flunking out on a lot is when a new word is first introduced and I am asked to transcribe the word from audio, or translate the word from English: I know the word but I am spelling it wrong a lot at first. Would you consider adding a spelling oriented practice to duolingo to introduce new words? I realize that with enough time spent I pick up the spelling, but its frustrating having fail out a bunch of times because I can't remember how to spell it.

February 27, 2013



And conjugations: I realize they are introduced for you but its the same problem as spelling: I can't remember exactly which vowels/letters to change. I find I learn better by having to 'write' the words and conjugates down.


Conjugations, genders, declensions. That would be great.


Yes. Conjugation practice -- especially for irregular verbs -- would be helpful.


This isn't the solution that you're looking for, but I've found that it is very helpful to write down the words on a piece of paper. Usually in a sentence without an English translation.


I agree. In the basic phase some nouns are practiced through showing pictures. I find it extremely helpful, though I am not a visual type. If I may suggest, creating picture cards for the cc 500 nouns you have in the tree's vocabulary would be helpful development for basic word memorisation.


Is it too late for me to agree with this? I'm about to go practice this the old fashioned way. :(

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