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What happened to this discussion?


I would like to read the comments, but they are not visible any more.

March 13, 2014



This is happening a lot at the moment. You can often get them back by posting a reply of your own (I just post a full stop) and then deleting.


Fixed the glitch! You should see it now. Sorry about that and thanks for bringing to our attention.


Kristine, this is happening again. I started a new thread but no joy.


Hi everyone! I'm looking into it and will let you know. I see what you're all saying now :)


Hi there! There are lots of comments there. A few were deleted because they were blank and spam. Are you not seeing any?


I also don't see any comments there Kristine


Yes, I don't see any of them. It's similar with this discussion here, it says that there are 7 comments, but I see only 3 right now (from Luscinda, PERCE_NEIGE and yours).


It tells me there are 44 comments right now. I can't see a single one.


It says that there are 44 comments but I don't see any.

I was looking at a discussion thread yesterday that said it had 30 comments and one hidden one, but I couldn't see any of them. If I can find it I'll post a link here in the hopes that it might help the all powerful Duo-wizards figure out what's going wrong. For the record, I looked at that other discussion thread with Safari on a Macbook, and with Chrome and IE on Windows. So it's not a browser issue, doesn't look like.

Here it is: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2149349

I added a comment with a full stop (period) and then deleted it. It made the comments visible to me, like Luscinda said it would.


I can't see comments in my app for android but I can see them in the computer version. I am doing French. Merci

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