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Connecting learners together

I was wondering whether it would be possible for people to be connected who are learning similar languages so they can communicate direct and help each other to learn; this would be more useful than simply adding Facebook/Twitter friends.

If there could be a board where people could submit themselves, which is separated into languages in the same way the discussions thread, people could then easily find people with similar goals and share in the learning experience.

I am currently learning Italian and feel that having friends who are learning the same language would help me with my own. Hopefully this could bring the community of language enthusiasts closer together :)

February 27, 2013



What I found is that there is a huge and active dou community on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo I found useful info there. Have a look! Hope it will help!


Thanks for that I will have a look through it :) I do think it would be good for Duo to facilitate people making friends that are at similar levels or with similar goals but this is a good place to go.


I love this idea as well. I will check reddit, but having something onsite would be very cool


It would be helpful to have something with Duo, to be able to find friends who are at generally the same level and possibly the same knowledge, without having to sort through discussion lists like now.


It could even be a side bar underneath your current leaderboard which says "People at your level" where a selection of members at the same level/position as you on the tree your are studying. If you study multiple languages then those that study both those languages could be included. This would help people make connections to learn together; within or outside Duo.

Currently going on Reddit is like going through the discussion thread on Duo and doesn't have much organisation and isn't particularly good for interaction; more problem solving.


Hallo Wikardman - Gut Idee ! Hopefully the great poobahs at Duo can work out something so we can connect easier with people generally near our level. Let me know if you hear anything else. Tschüs.


Definitely can get behind the idea of a language-specific virtual community within the site, sprinkled with some native speakers which may better understand the subtleties of the language.

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