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Finished my Swedish Tree! (Golden)

Hello! So finally yesterday I finished my Swedish Tree after a few months. Oh, and left everything Golden!

I talk about other tools I used besides Duolingo on a blog post about it:


Things to keep in mind: I'm native Catalan. Of course I speak Spanish and also English fluently. I did a couple of courses in Swedish (A1, A2, B1). I discovered Duolingo after A2. That's why I finished the tree golden, at level 13. Also I did take the language seriously so I gave myself support with other materials I mention on my blog post. And lived in Sweden a few months. Anyways, here's my Duolingo review.

First of all, a huge GRATTIS to the admins and contributors of this course, and Duolingo in general. You have an amazing tool here. Right now my mother who almost never leaves Catalunya has been doing her dream language (Italian) every day and she is super exited (and applied!).

Summarizing I have to say that Duolingo is an amazing learning tool that doesn't feel like studying, even though you are learning. As for the Swedish itself, such an amazing job. Everything is perfectly correct when I doubt it, and check with Swedish natives. The sound is on point, the idioms and the funny sentences :)

Every time that a new word appears that I think it's useful to learn, I make a flashcard with Anki for it's Spaced Repetition tool. So when its time to refresh the golden treen, I'm already one step ahead.

As a little tip, I found myself doing more work putting a XP goal of 10XP than 50XP. Why? Cannot really tell, but I bet that since 10XP is so little, I was like, "oh come on Pau, it's just one exercise!". And when I did it, I was already a bit on the flow. Some days I ended up doing 100-200XP points. It's inspiring to see how many days in a row you have been doing, so that also helps on the 10XP situation:)

Another little tip, would be that is way faster (and equally effective) to do it from the phone instead of Desktop. Basically because it already gives you the words, and at first I was doing on my computer but it gets more tiring than from the phone, which you can do anywhere as long as you have data or wifi.

Improvements I'd would do is a bit of an update on the vocabulary used. The sentence miming and how many times the things are repeated I find it on point, but there are some vocabulary that I would change. For example the word "letter". I cannot remember the last time I used in English (well, now :P). Every time that new vocabulary appear, I ask myself the question "What was the last time I needed to use this word in English?". If I cannot remember, I don't bother to study, since I'm a big fan of the 20/80 principle. I think that way is far more effective and efficient (sorry, I can't never tell the difference :D)

Will keep strengthening my skills till reaching level 25.

April 4, 2017



Thank you all guys! And likewise good job :D


Yay! Nice to read your story :-) I did it the other way around. I started on Duolingo for 2 or 3 months. I wrote down all the grammar in my own language and in a way I understood more easy. It realy helps to write it down in your own words; you reproduce all the information.

After I completed the whole tree I took a break. And last summer I started again, with refreshing. But since I don't have friends who speak Swedish I was looking for a way to speak this language as well. So I started a language course in my city. But because of all the knowledge of Duolingo, I could start in year 2 (like leven A2-B1). And it went very well!

For me this was a great combination. And of course, being in Sweden also helps a lot. My vocabulary increases day by day when I'm there :-)


Thank you for your contribution! Here's a lingot for you :D So funny to see that somebody used the other way around! And that it can equally work. Also your comment helped me see that actually one can really learn a language completing a Duolingo tree, because even though it won't be perfect, for sure it will make a great base. Thanks a lot!


Congratulations! :)


i have not compleated french i am 10 years old and you encourege me to keep on gowing even thouhgh i am not a english person i will keep on learning thanks for the news and goooooooooooooooooooooood joooooooooooooooob


Great job! :D


Thanks for this post! It's great to read about your strategies. I looked at your website too, and I'm interested in installing a kindle dictionary, but I couldn't find one (not on the link you gave or from my own searches). You don't happen to remember exactly where you got the dictionary?


No problem! I actually just updated my Swedish post on my blog with a link to the Swedish dictionary I use! (is free). Check out the line "Book: I bought a Kindle and installed a dictionary (here is the Swedish dictionary for Kindle)"

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