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Doing the quiz!

Anybody done the quiz after finishing the tree to see where they are currently at?

I've finished the Norwegian tree and got a miserable 0.5 / 5! Perhaps more revision needed ;)

What are your stories? Has anyone got a perfect score?

Thanks! <3

April 4, 2017



I did the quizes about 4 times when doing the Italian tree. I started out getting 0.47 and when I had finished the tree it had reached 5.0 so it is possible.

However I have not tried it from the Norsk course mainly because I am having great trouble with pronunciation and spelling so I doubt I would get anywhere near the maximum.

April 4, 2017


Here it is, and I'm gonna take the German one after finishing the tree

April 4, 2017


Did you mostly exercise in the App or in the web version of Duolingo?

I did the quiz one time for the tree "English for Dutch speakers". Result: 4.53/5.0
But before the quiz:
- I did the whole tree in Duolingo's web version
- and strengthened each skill again in the web version

Maybe this helps you too?

Good luck!

April 4, 2017


It's the only way to spend those lingots...

April 4, 2017


It depends on many different factors. If the language that you are studying is close to a language that you already speak, you'll learn it way faster and easily.

For example, when I started here on Duolingo (one year and a half ago) I already spoke English and Spanish. I started many languages simultaneously (French, German, Italian, Esperanto, Portuguese, Catalan, and some months later I also added Norwegian, Romanian and some others), all of them completely from scratch.

It is no surprise that Portuguese, Italian, Catalan and French were the ones I could learn at a faster pace (because their structure is similar to Spanish and a good amount of words are also very similar).

I started getting 5.00/5.00 in the Progress Quiz in each of those four languages at about 8-12 months after starting all those trees ( that is, about 3-6 months AFTER I had finished all those trees and I had reviewed them completely several times already).

Whereas in Geman, for example, I usually get around 3.50/5.00 even if I have completed three different German trees here.

It is clear that for my brain, the German language is harder than the other four ones. It is the same when I am watching a film or a documentary (I understand almost everything in Portuguese, Italian and Catalan, I understand a lot in French, but in German I am way behind).

Esperanto is kind of a special case for me. I only get around 3.00/5.00 in the Progress Quiz (even if I have completed the "Esperanto from English" tree and I am close to the end of the "Esperanto from Spanish" tree) but there is an explanation for this.

Esperanto is the only one (out of these six languages) that I have studied exclusively here on Duolingo. Whereas I have worked a lot on French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and German on Duolingo and also in other ways (reading a lot of books, watching documentaries, listening to the radio) and that makes a big difference.

Maybe you just finished your Norwegian tree, and that's why your score is a bit low. You should review it all several times yet, and especially, you should start reading books as soon as you are able. For me that is one of the keys (to use the language in longer sentences, paragraphs, stories......it just sticks in your brain much better this way).

April 6, 2017


Is the quiz worth it? I've never done it before. I was thinking about doing it, since I'm approximately 60% of the way done with my tree. I could see my progress in the future.

April 4, 2017


I don't do them often but I think it's nice to see some progress and looking at your streak you certainly aren't going to need to beg for lingots to buy one

April 4, 2017


You are correct, 705 lingots that have been mostly worthless. I've only bought three things so far. I shall do it later, thank you for the knowledgeable advice.

April 4, 2017


I gave a few hundred to a teacher so she could buy her students all either a quiz or timed practice.

April 4, 2017
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