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"Tua madre cucina la cena venerdì."

Translation:Your mother cooks dinner on Friday.

February 27, 2013



Why is it wrong to say: Your mother cooks Friday's dinner"?


She could be cooking Friday's dinner on Thursday. Here it says she cooks: on Friday, maybe it's for Saturday.


How could we say "Friday's dinner"?


"la cena di venerdi" (there's an accent on venerdi). Unless I've forgotten.


2 Questions:

1) Why no "La tua madre..."

2) How do you say "on Friday"? Is that understood ?


You don't use the definite article when you're talking about your family members (unless it's a pet name, like "la mia sorellina" or something)


To say on Friday use il venerdi, it also accepts a venerdi I think but not sure


How would you say, "your mother cooks dinner on Fridays"? Could it be "Tua madre cucina la cena di venerdi"? "i venerdi"? "tutti i venerdi"? "agli venerdi"????


According to a native Italian speaker it goes like this: If you want to say "on fridays" you use the definite article, i.e: "Mia madre cucina il pranzo il venerdi" (on fridays). And if you want to say "next friday" you go like this: "Mia madre cucina il pranzo venerdi".


Mum should also be a correct spelling for those of us in the UK…..


If you were filling out an application and it asked for you maternal parent's name would it say: "Mum's name?" or "Mother's name?". Mum is what we call her but the formal is mother, as is "Madra". Here it could have said: "Tua mamma..." but the writer uses "madre" so we use the formal.


however it accepts the informal american version "mom"......


Now that I didn't know. It doesn't make sense. Did you report it? There is no sign of "mom" or "mum" now maybe ti was removed. That would be a good sign. I apologize for my simplistic reply no offense was intended.


could this be the friday dinner


Why can't I use "Friday" in the beginning of the sentence?


So, "your mother cooks Friday dinner" is not right? Wow


"your mother cooks friday's dinner", I got it wrong!! Someone explain to me why this doesn't make sense to Duo?!


Could you say '... la cena sul venerdi'?


no, it's not correct. Venerdi is not a table!


I missed a full stop and my answer was flagged incorrect.


I suggest you review your answer more carefully. Duo never rejects answers for lack of punctuation, accents, capital letters or the like. The full stop was not the issue.


Maybe, but I can't recall the image right now. I will pay attention to it next time and report back if I encounter the problem again. Thanks for your answer.


Pease porridge hot. Pease porridge cold. Pease porridge in a pot, nine days old.


Again I tell you my husband (from Tuscana) and all his family would say "la mia mamma". Perhaps its a dialect thing? Ma ho scritto la mia mamma e per Duolingo non è corretto ma per la mia famiglia italiana dicono così.

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