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"As mulheres comem um sanduíche de peixe."

Translation:The women eat a fish sandwich.

February 27, 2013



Does this imply that many women ate a single sandwich (i.e., that they shared it) or that women were eating fish sandwiches? Is there a way to tell in Portuguese?


Well.... in portuguese it mean both, but the one which comes closer to be the most correct is that each woman is eating a fish sandwich,not sharing it


Could it be a sub sandwich, cut up and everyone has some?


Um sanduíche means one sandwich (or a sandwich)


There is no way to tell in English either. There are ambiguities in all languages but in this case the same ambiguity is shared.

(It would be the same in French too. You would say that the women eat a sandwich. Most people would think they eat one each. Some people would think they share a single one and either it's a big sandwich or they have small portions.)

Without ambiguous language there would be fewer jokes!


I keep having mistakes becaus some times my english is not perfect... that i hate. No fare cause i usually understand perfectly....


The bad thing with this program for me is that I am picking up the words faster at speaking them than spelling them.


I first understood this as plural " the women" but why not use "A mulher"?


A mulher is singular (the woman)


"Sandwich with fish" also?


I think that would be sanduíche com peixe. Here we have sanduíche de peixe, which is fish sandwich, like bolo de chocolate is chocolate cake.

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