"Anyone knows what corruption is!"

Translation:Oricine știe ce este corupția!

April 4, 2017

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Can really "a cunoaste" be used in place of "a știe" in Romanian? I thought there was the same difference as in French "connaître"/"savoir" (or in Spanish "conocer/saber" or in German "kennen/wissen").


The Spanish "conocer" is rather "a cunoaște" in Romanian, and "saber" fits with "a știe"


Yes, that is what I mean. It is the same order for the other languages I gave as example. In this question, "cunoaște" is being used as a replacement for "știe", which, in my experience, does not work but it may be perfectly acceptable in Romanian, hence my question.


I always learned that "a cunoaște" is used when talking about knowing someone and "a știe" is used when talking about knowing something.

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