"Tu umbli cu noi?"

Translation:Are you hanging out with us?

April 4, 2017

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Nobody says "Tu umbli cu noi" which translates to "you walk you walk with us" - which doesnt make sense. If you want to ask "do you want to walk with us" you sau "Vrei să umbli cu noi?". Or if you are going walking and you are asking someone "are you coming to walk" you said "fi cu noi să umblam". Or if you want to sound more native you ask "Vi cu noi la plimbare"


One minute "umbli" is roaming or walking , now Duo wants it to mean "hanging out" I missed the signal to turn my baseball cap around backwards ! Dude!


'are you walking with us?' would probably make more sense


can someone please explain the difference between 'a merge' and 'a umbla'? thanks (:


A merge is "to go" or mergem which is "going" A umbla is " to walk". If you want to say "she is going to walk", You said "Ea merge să umblă'


"tumbischxxu noi"? The sound here is interesting...


Indeed it is glitched.


Would stroll be a good translation??? Really just because umbli made me think of ambling along....


Umbli is like "she is walking". (Verb) But if you say "come on a walk" it is "Hai la o plimbare". Here it is a noun. On a walk aka. stroll


Think this is the first discourse I've seen on Duo, where the comments are more confusing than the sentence that brought me here lol

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The hint said Tu umbli is You hang out. I guessed Do you hang out with us? which was wrong. Should this be acceptable?


The pronunciation is very bad

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