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Still having problems with the Coach feature.

kristinemc was very helpful with my last complaint, but I think she may have miss understood me. She said that the Coach feature allows you to miss a few days if you have accumulated enough points to stay on track (stay in this little green area on the graph). And I really like this if it worked this way! People should be able to keep their streak by working super hard one day instead of losing it over things they have no control over (being sick or vacation).

Well the thing is, it's not quite behaving like that. I'm not on track.. at all. I've been out of the green area for a while, and that's mainly because it tells me "Vas bien hoy. ¡Buen trabjao!" every day despite being so far off the green area. I just find it unmotivating to stay on track when it doesn't even care whether or not I am.

Basically all I ask is for the little owl coach to tell me that I am not reaching my daily goal whenever I'm off track (like it was originally intended to do). Just a little reminder would work wonders. Thank you.

March 13, 2014



Hi Gringacho- I understand what you're saying. That is not the expected behavior. When you're off track Coach will tell you how many XP points you need to continue to stay on track. Can you share a screenshot of when the coach is telling you that you are on track and doing well along with a second screenshot of the graph. Thank you! I'll investigate.


Thanks kristine. :) I have no idea how to post screenshots so I'll just describe what I'm seeing for now.

The Coach pops up as soon as I open the app saying "Vas bien hoy. ¡Buen trabajo!" The "Vas bien" part is green and he's wearing an adorable mustache and monocle.

The graph no longer shows the green area since I'm so far off. Instead there's just a bunch of red x's (signifying the days I missed) and it says underneath "Vas bien desde hace 0 días"

Conclusion: The graph is acting just fine. It recognizes that I'm off, the owl on the underhand keeps telling me that I'm right on track.


Thanks for the info! Also, so you know - here's how to post an image in the forum:


We took a look at your account and do not see the same thing. It says you're off track :) Are you still experiencing this? Shoot over screenshots if so!


I really appreciate you taking the time to help me, but sadly I still see the same thing. I'm having troubles posting the screenshots still but is it okay if I link you?



As you can see, the owl says I'm doing just fine, but the graph doesn't agree.


Hi! Thank you! This is very helpful. Now can I ask one more thing :) We need you to send this via the 'send feedback' button in your settings on the app. Please send the screenshots in there too. We need that and then we'll be able to debug fully. Gracias :)


Alright, I got it taken care of. Thank you for your help. :)


Thanks we saw! Can you try turning the Coach on and off. You have entered a bad state in the app :) This should do the trick.


I did as you told, and still the same problem. For now I'll just put a reminder on my phone to earn at least 50 points a day and hopefully that'll be motivation enough.

Once again, thank you for all your help. One of my favorite things about duolingo is how helpful it's staff is. :)

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