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  5. "Что ещё не сделано?"

"Что ещё не сделано?"

Translation:What is not done yet?

April 5, 2017



Could this sentence also mean "What else hasn't been done"?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, this is also a possible translation. Please use the Report button next time you get this sentence.


    What hasn't been done yet? (Maybe closest to the Russian translation) <p> What remains to be done? (More formal, but more elegant) <p> What is there left to do? (Most likely in western U.S.) <p> What is there left to be done? <p> What (else) still has to be done? <p> What (else) still needs to be done? <p> What has been left undone? (A bit awkward) <p> Some of these obviously could be translated differently into Russian.


    "What hasn't been done yet?" is what I wrote, and what Duo dinged me for.


    'What else hasn't been done' still not accepted. Reported.


    When is it сделан and when сделано

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