Is a Draft Discussion even possible?

<h1>I have a few questions and hope I can get some answers</h1>
  • Is there a way how I can make a discussion post but save it as a draft so I can post it later?

    I want to make an XP Comp but don't want to post it until the new week starts

  • When I post a discussion, how do I lock it so no more people can comment?

    Or is it only moderators are allowed to do that?

Thanks for your help!

April 5, 2017


On the draft I don't think Duo supports that you can paste into a discussion so write what you want and save in word or notes then copy it into discussion when you are ready

I don't think users can lock comments I may be wrong but I can't see an option to do it

April 5, 2017

Only moderators can lock a discussion.

April 5, 2017
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