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Can we have a way of showing off your score on other sites?

I'd like to see something on DuoLingo that operates like the way StackExchange handle what they call "flair": http://stackoverflow.com/users/flair

Different scores for different languages or just a combined total score with flags for each language you know.

February 27, 2013



We just launched this! :)


Cool! Is it being gradually rolled out, or is there a page to visit to set it up?


I see that we now have icons next to our discussion usernames, but this thread is about publishing on other sites. Was that a misunderstanding?


Thumbs up for Google Plus "tweeting"


Nice idea, it would also help promoting Duolingo :)


+1! I really want to see "flair" for any kind of site where users gain skills or reputation. SE's approach is perfect, and I think it would be a perfect fit for Duolingo, as well as other sites I use like Codecademy. Definitely helps for promoting!

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