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"Fotbalul este ca o religie în Germania."

Translation:Soccer is like a religion in Germany.

April 5, 2017



The pronunciation of the word " fotbalul" is awful... Something like |fotObalul| . The correct pronunciation is |fotbalul|


It's not accepting "The football is like a religion in Germany", even the substantive ending in -ul. I'll report that, as usual, but I hope changes in this case.


Hoooooly bejesus, look at your 25s !!! :-)

Now that I've gotten this out of my system, I'd like to mention that the definite article is used differently in Romanian, compared to English. I noticed that this is a very common issue among users of the Romanian course. The complete set of rules is quite laborious to describe, but a good starting point would be to look at potestasity's comment here.

As for the current sentence, you would say it in English like this: "Football is like a religion in Germany", because you're referring to that sport called football, in general.
If you say it like "The football..." then it sounds like you're referring to the actual ball, which is not what the sentence is about.


Poate, dar atunci eu sunt un agnostic.

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