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"Knowing that the child lied to me, I gave him a slap across the face."

Translation:Știind că copilul m-a mințit, eu i-am dat lui o palmă peste față.

April 5, 2017



And the child will never ever lie again! (Or... will try to become a better liar. I don't know.)


This sentence is great, you're not only learning the romanian language but also its culture


I strongly disagree! I've known many Romanians and in my eyes this sentence has to be from two centuries ago.


I am born in the last century and belive me that this sentence is at least from my time


Lol! They are not really calm people, yeah. And what I've seen so far that they're cold even to their families. There is not much love here. Last year I was saluting everyone, now I've became one of them. Forgot how to smile.


Yes, it's not at all common to smile at strangers in former communist countries


Probably you're living in the wrong place. By the way, one of these people smiling to the others is... me


I reported one of these expressions and one "administrator", romanian too , send me a message that I'll be blocked if I will continue to do this. He doesn't have a name. Anyway, sorry guys, our "culture" is improving, but not all the people can follow, unfortunately


There is a phonetic problem in this sentence (called "cacofonie" in Romania): "că copilul". It might create a bit of discomfort when a Romanian guy hears this kind of problem. :)


Why does the lui come after 'dat' and not after 'față'. Or is it not a slap across his face?


Here, "lui" is not a possive pronoun, but an indirect object pronoun (stressed form). Usually, the unstressed form comes before the verb ("i-am dat lui") and the stressed form after the verb ("i-am dat lui").


I hate this sentence, it's child abuse.


Couldn't the Eu in the second sentence be eliminated?

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