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Swahili course in Tinycards!


I'm making a Swahili course in Tinycards in order to learn all the Swahili words I get in Duolingo, so why not sharing it with you Duolingo fellows?

The course currently has 150 cards, I am adding more!

Do you like the cool Zanzibar beach?

Link: https://tiny.cards/decks/bd52f710-bfc6-443d-bc0f-91034198433b

Like the post so that more people can see it!

Tutaona baadaye!

April 5, 2017



Nicely done! I'll use them.


This is so helpful! Will use <3


Have fun! I'm adding pics right now...


Thanks a lot. By the way, despite its use in the American South "y'all" is colloquial in English. The correct second person plural is "you." The word "you" was the original English plural, not the singular form.


I found that many language teaching courses use "you all" for practical reasons to differentiate plural and singular, which is understandable (and after all, it's Swahili we are learning not English). Here maybe they used the colloquial "y'all" to make it more like one word and not emphasize on the all.

However I also dislike this use and would prefer if it was written "you (plural)" instead. (But not in Swahili => English translation where it is the regular use of "you" that should be the norm).


Why not make separate decks for each skill? Otherwise, I like the idea of your Tinycards deck.

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