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  5. "Eu alerg de-a latul insulei."

"Eu alerg de-a latul insulei."

Translation:I run across the island.

April 5, 2017



Considering the island has a length (lungime) and a width (lățime), "de-a lungul" means all over the length and "de-a latul" means all over the width. You can consider them idioms equivalent to "along" and "across".


What does the "de-a" stand for? I guess it's a contraction of two words.


Would someone dissect the sentence a little bit, please? Mulțumesc mult!


De-a is composed out of de (from, of) and a (to, at), so I run "of at the width of the island", but nobody thinks further about that standing expression anymore, I guess. Still, maybe "from/of" talks about the origins of the context of my running, and "to/at" situates this context at the specific dimension of "the width".

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