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  5. "Noi locuim deasupra voastră."

"Noi locuim deasupra voastră."

Translation:We live above you.

April 5, 2017



What would be the difference between "deasupră" and "pe deasupră" in this sentence? Mulțumesc foarte mult!

[deactivated user]

    Yes, that's what I'm wondering too.


    First of all, it's deasupra (not deasupră). Like many adverbs of this type, there is no căciulă over the last "a." The difference between deasupra and pe deasupra is the same as the difference between sub and dedesubt. With deasupra, you say, "deasupra + a noun" (e.g. on top of the car, on top of the table, etc) but "pe deasupra" is just "on top" (but not followed by a noun). So, I put the book on top (not on top of the table).

    Pe deasupra can also be used to mean "besides," depending on context.


    Thanks, but there is another sentence in here that is: 'Cinci metri pe deasupra străzii.' Where a noun follows it.


    I'm confused--I thought "voastră" was a possessive pronoun. Why is it used after "deasupra"?


    It's just the rule for personal pronouns following prepositions taking the genitive. So mea, ta, noastră, voastră for 1st and 2nd person, but lui, ei, lor for 3rd person.

    That's if it's following a feminine form, eg "deasupră". If it's following a masculine form, eg "în jurul", then you'd use meu, tău, nostru, vostru. Or lui, ei, lor again.


    Thanks... So many rules to learn...


    copiii mici nu au nici o idee despre gramatica ... practica este totul ;-)

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