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"Ich gehe neben der Straße entlang."

February 27, 2013



Is this correct in German? "Neben" and "entlang" appear redundant, but are they actually a preposition tag-team?


They'e not redundant. 'neben' says you're not walking on the street, but either on the pavement or simply beside the street, while 'entlang' belongs to 'gehen' which it actually teams up with, it's the equivalent to "walk along" (contrary to e.g. across) somewhere or something, like the street.


I don't really agree. "Ich gehe die Straße entlang." - "I walk along the street." and "Ich gehe neben der Straße." - "I walk next to the street."; but two adpositions refering to the same thing? "Ich gehe neben der Straße den Fluss entlang." - "I walk next to the street along the river." sounds better to me.


Well, what would you say if you walked alongside the Autobahn? Ich gehe die Autobahn entlang to me sounds definitely live-threatening. I would walk neben der Autobahn entlang, which implies you stay a safe amount of space away from the driving surface.

Edit: Riefe mich jemand an und sagte, er läuft die Autobahn entlang, würde ich zuerst einmal besorgt darum bitten, dass derjenige von der Fahrbahn weggehen und daneben (mit Abstand) entlang (in Richtung des Straßenverlaufs) laufen soll. Die Klammern sind für mich zwei unterschiedliche Informationen mit eigenständiger Berechtigung.


so it should be " i walk along (and) next to the street" ??


I wrote "I walk alongside the street" which seems to cover that, but my answer wasn't accepted.


agreed. this answer needs to be added as correct.

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