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Language heard, but never spoken, by young babies bestows a hidden benefit

The way babies learn to speak is nothing short of breathtaking. Their brains are learning the differences between sounds, rehearsing mouth movements and mastering vocabulary by putting words into meaningful context. It’s a lot to fit in between naps and diaper changes.

A recent study shows just how durable this early language learning is. Dutch-speaking adults who were adopted from South Korea as preverbal babies held on to latent Korean language skills, researchers report online January 18 in Royal Society Open Science. In the first months of their lives, these people had already laid down the foundation for speaking Korean — a foundation that persisted for decades undetected, only revealing itself later in careful laboratory tests.

Full article here:


April 6, 2017



So lesson learned: If you have a young, young, child, it is never too early to expose them to languages (as in full languages, not expletives ;) ).


Interesting. Maybe this is an explanation to the reports of people suddenly speaking a language they've allegedly never heard before.

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